Voice of the masses

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with some student from EA. I stopped by the campus to check in on the project and found that they were in the middle of taking on of our network wide benchmark assessments, serious business. I was able to talk to a couple of students who had already finished their tests and who were interested in giving me the update on how Upside Down Exhibition was going.

I began the conversation by reminding them of who I am:

me: My name is Kiera, I have been working with your teachers to design your upcoming Exhibition.

girl: Cool

me: So what can you tell me about you upcoming Exhibition?

boy: Its going to be all about Math. I think I am teaching graphing. Anyways I think it is going to be easier than the last Exhibition because we wont have to stand up on stage. I get nervous presenting on stage.

girl: Yeah. I picked something that, I can’t remember what it is right now, but I kinda know it. I think I will be able to teach it.

me: So your going to be teaching lessons in Math…

girl: Well we also learned about our learning styles, like I am a visual learner. We took some surveys in John’s class and I learned that.

boy: Yeah. I am a Kinesthetic learner.

me: So are you going to teach your lesson using Kinesthetic strategies.

boy: I don’t know. That would be hard, but I could do something outside on the playground.

girl: I want to use visual strategies. Like when my teachers use their hands a lot to describe things that is really helpful for me.

me: So have you started making your videos yet?

girl: No

boy: We are supposed to write our story-boards over break and then we will film when we get back.

me: I am looking forward to seeing your work.

It seems that the project has been rolled out and the students are beginning to make progress with some of the concepts. They are excited to make their videos as it gives them a sense of agency and engages them in their own learning. I am hoping that this process of building instruction will help students reflect on the cycle of teaching and learning and teaching in a way that deepens their understanding of content.

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